Bamboozle parlamentariska utredningar: Bevisat fungerande kris-strategier


Saknade formell såväl som informell utbildning i komedi får man ta dom här skämten för vad dom är: undermåliga uttryck saknade djupare substans såväl som en sund quality assurance processs. Givet den låga nivå vi redan har på ungdomens värde rent allmänt medan vuxna - i meningen över 30 år närmare dom goda generationer mitten av 1970-talet gav oss - säkert klarar att hantera detta tvivlar jag samtidigt på någon direkt fara för samhället: så jag känner att de kan publiceras i alla fall.

Under 2013-Default perioden i nutidshistoria var det normala att alla mått relaterade kapital inlagda i federal verksamhet reducerades. Vissa delar av den federala verksamheten visade sig emellertid när man med ökad exakthet än normalt gick igenom siffrorna ha fortsatt fått kapital och faktiskt samlat pengar på hög.

En speciell grupp fick i uppgift att titta vidare sökande identifiera vad pengarna kom ifrån identifierande ett sedan cirka 10 år nästan bortglömt projekt som oroat av uppgifterna innan default hade börjat samla egen skatt i sitt lokala expertområde.

Kallande en ansvarig till "förhör" utnyttjade denne två strategier för att förvirra ansvariga - getting it OK yet another time period somehow a bit like magic really. I någon mening de arketypiskt sista två argumenten eller lösningar: Saker var rent av värre förr men blev ändå accepterade resp. jag har ordnat en eget president någonstans i världe och hon eller han satte en stor ok-stämpel på allt här och ni saknar juridisk-rätt att kommentera våra inre-angelägenheter.

COME ON - I am pretty sure you look over old files I used to be much more mad still got the ok somehow

- Besides. Let's all be honest here. Can anyone claim I was not more mad last time? If even mad at all. And really isnt that at the end of the day watta it all usually comes down to? Previous decisions sets the limits here for me and if mad-amount-requirements change you really need to inform me as well as others. I meet a lot mad people just this week visiting back.

- And u dont worry about other oddities. Now I drink coffea again seldom odd chinese teas. Even drink alcohole. Very western trusthy and all that. U go worry about cultural-traitors drinking green tea denying tbe good bourbon

- So shall we not all dare dream leaving all this shit and go out having lunch getting all the afternoon off? As deserved. eh. Come on now. I mean we all knew Iran got nukes and I for sure have non such and someone for sure should look into that. We should not take time from that.

[-- I do remember him from years ago. He had during some educational project making flyers started to call himself King of Egypt. Not sure if he less mad now. For sure clinical mad last time also. Perhaps a bit more I guess.

-- Now you did put clinical sick on record. If he clinical sick we can not just fire him either. He has some swedish union membership. We can not upset EU even more for Obama now.]

THE SOMALIA SOLUTION - Or: My President has more formalia than yours

- Yes Mr H. You might introduced your own president voted into the office of Chine by 400 voters being able to come to election. The disrepect not inform us before on that matter shows a sick view on federal costs. We do not come free regarding the time we spent and it is not possible given FBI taken control of all money from the Shanghai shopkeeprs you taxed through the use of dragons and triads - nor is of the rent complex you put up in collaboration with ethnical groups such as italian americans in New York something we can take from to balance that cost.

- Correct here you would have informed us on this matter saving both us as well you the time. It is obvious we lack any and all authorithy here. Do not feel you get away easily here. We will send all our notes as well information to your president to
make sure she looks into your odd power conspirarcy including different sort of carbonate-growings experimenting with a new rule the world energy source more powerfull than even rise. I doubt a chinese president would not see the problems that could cause.

- We will also more concrete to suggest to her you are removed from office as defense minister, foreign minister, head of security police, head of the Shanghai city police, Big Dragon of Shanghai, Head Triad of Hong Kong, alt. Chinese UN representative, ambassador to Uppsala, OECD outside representative, head of any and all news providers in and outside Chine writing about Hans or any area of security interest for the world, friend and owner of all islands in the ocean, the ruler of India, as well vice president and "Boss" - is that even the recogniced correct formal term your president use? - of the political police.

- I deny she ever regarding anything called my anything but Boss or talking to others The Boss.

- Do not expect getting away here just because you are this female presidents responsible.

- I do not expect that. But notice I do not as claimed either hold the office of King if even such office exists.

- Are not a Dragon such king?

- No dragons are like triads more of a crime enterprise organising people you tax. A bit like the maffia or a state. So not problematic that why at all. Much like any federal business. You take up a bit of tax from shop keepers and such every month while providing protection against fires, murders and such problems through your police / militia.

- Well atleast we will expect later meeting with you people in the right context your president sends another foreign minister, ambassador and UN representive. Not you that is.

- I was though of the understanding I might get some sort of promotion here rather than being kept in this projects. It more and more bores me working with the native peoples of Asia. Providing such large amounts of tax revenue during the default I thought I might get bigger responsible in some other part of the world. Perhaps handling the republican problem getting that lot to tax up for Obama. Sure a rich bunch having plenty money if u ask just the right way. That is one good experience I got from the dragons and triads: shop-keepers or anyone really always got a bit of coins to take out if you explain the need of society..

But if not. Guess we might meet next year? I did feel it to me fun to take about this human right information book project. We for sure are not ready yet but atleast this year managed to secure funding even with the default.