UN oroat: Kinesen klarar inte bra av media och bör avstå det helt


Och som man ofta kan läsa i kommentarer till nyheten (bättre exempel finns) är kinesen heller inte intresserad av media och sådant. De förstår tror jag sina begränsningar och vill lämna det och alla problem deras läsande och skrivande orsakar när språk eller små-båtar rinner över på länder mogna nog att läsa och skriva annat än gamla verse utan något av aktuellt just nu.

Från Chinese Internet Riled Up Over Detention of Corruption-Busting Microblogger | The Wallstreet Hournal - China:

"Worried UN [Red. Hans explains here for news tolerant readers: "Uppsala News - a news outlet of this publication] official

Worried UN official wrote:
The basic problem are the chinese having media at all. They lack skill here and are over-sensitive for media news. Often the chinese to react irrational running in the street shuting causing problems for society – as well other countries (much critique of chinese leaders needed).

I am less sure it is culture, a lack of seeing the world “normal” a bit thinking and reflecting, or a more basic trait.

For one think one can feel chinese medias – best removed all no doubt – often flock and write things without thinking just repeating easy stuff. I think the trait both in readers and media do indicate part of the chinese nature and best kept from such.

If culture perhaps if they grow up as people. In basic truth you get the media you ask for and manage to make for your self. No doubt the motivation needed here is great but perhaps doable.

In regard to this naive vie of the chinese media problem:

“He is not Snowden who is on the run in Russia. “Chinese people”have been used by the western media. They represent which portion of “Chinese people”? Who want it to represent “them”? It’s funny that the western media uses “Chinese people” (Ai weiwei, Liu Xiaobo, etc.maybe) to speak for it. However, majority of them have never expressed their willingness or eve are aware of being represented by the western media. Who are those “Chinese people”?”