South Sudan: A burden for the civilized world


Of course one can be right in a practical sense without likely turned out right in from the perspective and sense taken as understood by anyone:

"The report is a mere recipe for arms embargo against the government or a ploy of creating a situation that is fertile for fundraising spree in order to allow foreign jobseekers to eye jobs in South Sudan. Otherwise, since when did lack of firearms resulted into prevention of Genocide if at all there was planning to kill innocent people in mass”, he added.

Från: South Sudan presidency denies reports of looming genocide |

Anything would be a better alternative to another virulent physical rot after the general cognitive rot (though South Sudan bit by bit turned me from someone lacking any and old racism I still like to humor myself thinking it hasn't succeed yet so lets call this a cognitive rot from years of war rather than choosing the alternative explanations that it isn't just natural state because the people have genetically heritage that makes them lazy, dumb and short tempered which the most extreme sufferers tries to compensate with drugs and late night dancing like during 2015 peace talks, power and the excitement of armed conflict).

I can not by feel the people must hunger for some new competent leadership. And I can not but feel no current contestant would be able judging from any and all of the countries full history would be any problem at all. Just to come and bring something better:

If I seek this king-job you will love me. I do not come and kill your village first year and you will celebrate all of the second year.

Foreign ability here the local ethnics - no matter which - should best view as a life saver. You complain to much perhaps I leave and the demented returns and atrocity you. Seems very energy efficient to me. I wouldn't even have to weed out problem makers myself saving cost for herbicide as well guns. Energy one could put into economical growth instead by stressing away that lazy nature that in so much - perhaps all - political work since the country was born is nothing but obvious.

From my old years of 100% non racist I probably even still remember some Swahili. Which might be handy hiring motivators as well initial builders of the House of Hans. Pretty sure I can go 100% locals here with almost zero need of external human lego-building-blocks (or how one would call soldiers of fortune in a more elegant way).

Turning a few chemicals on myself I might even be able to set up the melanine production to give the people it's first role model helping them to understand hope for the future might exist. Current management probably if not judged plain dumb as individuals must create extreme amount of self-hate among the people through proving all negative stereotypes about the black man: Month after month they are the worsed in the world. Really one have to go years back in time to find another lot as incompetent.

Only thing hindering me a bit - not much really but for a volunteer position I feel I should look after myself - is the dislike for Africa and it's people South Sudan's lazy and cognitive dysfunctional leadership induced. Another atrocity spree I say I will be fucking fed up with the ever returning irritation on how the correctness and betterness of higher thoughts of humanity and how it should function get disprove while any and all negative stereotypes regarding africas people through live action - like planned almost - get big chunks of powerful arguments. They are like if some jews in Israel on some isolated Kibbutz would become nazists and through practical politics turning outsiders never interesting in nazism to solid believers because if Nazi-german wasn't right about the evilness of the jews they wouldn't become little Nazis out in their desert-Kibbutz (might sound odd as path of thinking but humans both reason and learn step by step which makes this sort of argumentation reality).

For sure general in Europe and US regarding racism South Sudan is not the only explanation for increasing expression of negative stereotypes. And news events here tend to be small. But I doubt anyone reading (leaving the self-hate the people local experiencing this probably very often suffers from) anything making headlines from South Sudan can not but sense some deep systematic problem.

But fear not. Go out and bravely do this atrocity events again. And help will after that come. Using english King would be the ethnical aware term. Pharaoe on the other hand would not, neither any role-label used on Zanzibar (which Africa-business enterprises created swahili but alas through slaving, and the language-family still today follows it's slave-trade all the way into Congo by the river, and having it's upper-bound a bit in South Sudan).

Lacking any moral non-defunct contestant for this kingdom to be and now with the worlds other monumental lazy entity United Nations starting to think of expressing a bit of dislike with a weapon embargo (and provide some support later on and I might send of redundant armed groups to fight say ISIS in Syria or just about anything) , and with zero-engagement from any external entity, I can not but see it is not only moral correct action I meditate but a moral obligation ("My burden as the first civilized man" I might call a chapter in my memories of being force to carry this country later in life: "Four days February 2017 I laid siege upon South Sudan. But the hard work was all the week doing everything the old two governments hadn't been able to do all years: Peace and Food. The summer I did education and infrastructure using among the worlds largest oil reserves for petty cash. It made me feel dirty how me as a white man doing it lessened all the great thoughts we had since Ancient Greece, or the France revolution. I went down to the dungeon waking up the drunk old president to hear if he knew any local ethnical aware philosophy and was pained taking good time away from other thing to have to listen to him tell stores 'how he killed the fucking negroes in the other villages'.").

That's South Sudan. Makes you a racist, colonialist, but on the plus side if you can man up to defeat the dislike for Africa it caused, you will be King.